Family and friends sitting at a dining table


CK Home Comforts is a family owned business specializing in the needs of busy families and the mothers that lead them.  We are all looking for ways to handle things better and faster to be able to get more done, but also in this day and age, we find ourselves having to research every product for safety.  So many products are filled with dangerous chemicals that could hurt our family in the short or long run.

CK Home Comforts takes pride in searching out the best products to help make every home healthier, safer and easier.

All products are tested by moms.

Meet the Team

CK Home Comforts was started by 2 mothers.  Their work in raising several children had them searching for safe and healthy products that make life easier.


Christie Hillestad


Mother of three from Springfield, Virginia.


Kirsten Spliethof


Mother of two from Burke, Virginia.