ckhome2_2100% Sheep Wool Dryer Balls for eco-friendly natural fabric softening

Our dryer balls are 100% organic sheep wool and contain zero chemicals.


1.  Use 3-4 balls for a small load and all 6 balls for a medium to large load.

Static Cling

The wool dryer balls do a good job on static cling, but with some materials you need extra help.  Here are some tips for this.

1. For synthetic and heavy static clothes, spray vinegar a few times on each ball before you start the dryer.  The vinegar dries leaving no scent but neutralizes any extra static cling and leaves laundry fresh and soft.

2.  Safety pins are also good for static cling.  Take a safety pin or 2 and attach them to each ball.

3.  For best results you can do both.  I have a safety pin on each ball and I leave them in the dryer.  Before I add the clothes I just spray each ball with vinegar a few times.

Essential Oils

You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a few of the balls.  It adds a refreshing scent to the laundry.  Start with a drop and add more to your liking.  A popular essential oil use is Lavender.


  • Great for drying baby clothes and blankets.
  • Great Baby Shower gift.
  • Non-allergenic, doesn't promote the growth of bacteria and dust mites
  • Doesn't give off harmful emissions, like plastic dryer balls or tennis balls.
  • Wool fibers absorb and neutralize polluting gases, even formaldehyde, which is in many of the clothes you buy from the store.
  • Softens naturally, helping to keep clothes from clumping together and reducing wrinkles.
  • Reduces drying time by 25%, making your dryer more energy efficient and cost effective.
  • Easy to use and lasts up to 1000 loads of laundry.