Mom’s Research – Introduction

CK Home Comforts was started by 2 moms – C for Christie and K for Kirsten. With five kids between us and both working full time jobs there was a constant need to figure out how to be more efficient to get everything done and still have time with your kids and family and make some memories. Our company started out as a product search looking for products to ease a busy home and are safe for the family.
As my research continued I made startling revelations. Any research I started emerged from a life situation I was facing with my own family – getting organized so we don’t miss the next practice, a rash out of nowhere, mold issues, tantrums, illness, injury, and the list goes on.
What I keep finding is information we need as mothers.  Information on different products, foods, electronics, household cleaners, etc.  Mothering in the 21st Century is not the same as for our parents and grandparents.  Big business is bigger and regulations are smaller and as parents we need knowledge and all of the information we can get to navigate through this over-marketed, under-informed world.  Marketing says all the right things, but the words don’t mean the same thing they did when we were kids.   The real information is harder to find.

Over the last year I have been researching, making notes for myself and working on different ways to implement more natural living solutions while keeping the efficiency up so I don’t go crazy.  It is not easy and I have been through many failed attempts, but the more I have talked with other moms the more I realized that I should at least share my information.  Mother to mother our problems, worries, issues and failures are more the same then we realize.  Even mothers that seem completely different, you will find have the same problems.  They are simply working in different ways to solve it.  I don’t want to tell you how to do something (I hate it when someone tells me how I should handle my kids or household), but I want to share the research I have done for you to evaluate and use as you wish.

Welcome to Mom’s Research Blog by CK Home Comforts.


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